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    December 01, 2010



    Clever post! LOL
    I agree with your perspective as well.


    Excellent post!

    Donald Seers

    What did you think of the GalaxyTab from an overall experience? If it was the same size as the iPad would you buy the Tab or the iPad? Or vice versatile, if the iPad was 7" which device would you buy?


    Interesting test, I guess. How long did you test for? Do you think over the long run the smaller screen would be as effective? I think that the 7" devices are limited. They are too big to use as a phone and too small to use as a tablet. The iPad fit perfectly between the laptop and the smartphone. The Tab sits between the smartphone and the iPad but I don't think that many users will find that to be a useful space.


    My girlfriend says that size DOES matter LOL

    Philip T.

    Is that an iPad in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

    Rachel Teiges

    I have the Tab and think it is fair more portable than the iPad as it slips easily into my purse. I've used a Blackberry Pearl for the last few years and the Tab was the perfect companion device for me. You are is a matter of preference.


    I had an iPad and decided to go with something smaller to take into meetings. The Tab has been perfect for that. Totally portable and easy to hold in one hand. The apps are lacking somewhat. Even though the Android marketplace has many apps, a few of the key ones I used are not scaled correctly for the Tab. I hope that the developers will remedy that situation for me.


    Here is a good video for those of you who want to see a video review of the Tab in action.

    Jim Hayward

    Considering your personal bias to Apple, I think that was a very balanced evaluation. I guess however the problem at this stage is that Ipad has a lot more apps. I wonder if that will change.

    richard lambord

    Interesting post and good discussion. I've been looking at both the Tab and the ipad and like the fact you focused on size and not software. The ipad has the advantage today on the apps side but that gap can be closed by android/google/developers over time. The size is a different matter though because once you get a 7" or 10" tablet you are stuck with it unless you sell it and buy something else. I think I'm going to go with the Tab because it seems more portable and the software updates will make it more usable over time.
    Thanks for the info! Great blog


    Yes! Android rules. 7", 9.7", 4"....size doesn't matter. If it's android its all good.Portalable and totally open. None of this closed crap like you get from CrApple.


    To combat weight and make it easier to read with in bed, Apple will make a thinner, lighter product for iPad 2 but the screen will NOT be 7" - that is too small for effective use.

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