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    October 27, 2010



    Great post!

    I am a big believer in the fact that paradigm shifts often explains why some companies fail when others succced: succesful ones (like Apple so far, but then again, they were also in a do or die situation before the iMac, etc... ) are the ones who can shift to a new paradigm (grow new ideas, choose new values) whereas the others are fixed to their traditional ideas (which had made them succesful in the past) and lack vision and will to take risk (IBM with personal computers, the Swiss losing the watch market monopoly to the Japanese with the advent of quartz watches, etc...)

    I am intrigued and curious to read more about the Playbook now...


    Thanks for the comment - great perspective and examples you gave. I agree, it will be very interesting to see how the Playbook evolves. I have a blog post in the works to discuss the approach RIM is taking and their framework for delivery of apps. Should be posting that next week.
    Thanks again for reading and commenting.


    Interesting perspective and perhaps valid in various situations but I don't think it's a 'rule' - companies would be foolish to simply throw away what they've learned/established/produce.
    RIM is about sound, strong, robust business communications. They would do well to remember that and not get pulled into the fun phone space.


    Good read. I love the ad campaign in that it highlights the negatives of the phone experience. My concern is that I can't see how they can truly deliver on the promise they're making. I'm curious to see.

    Now to promote my own fluff, I wrote something related last week including a great little video...

    I love it that windows is at least trying to be different which is great to watch.

    Jim Hayward

    I was thinking of how Wikipedia just became the standard online dictionary. Clearly a radically different approach.
    Good to see you posting new blogs. I read with them with interest.


    Thanks for the comment Brydon. I took a look at your post and it was great! Your truck story reminded me of when I first got and drove the SMART car.

    As for Microsoft and their latest phone, I agree, they needed to be different, otherwise, they'd be lost in the sea of Android, Blackberry and iPhone features/functions/hype. I also think that making the phone "social-centric" with the live tiles is brilliant, given that the social layer that has emerged is increasingly becoming the conduit for everyone on the web.


    Hi Jim - thanks for your kind comment - I'm glad you are still reading my blog - it had bee a while since I'd posted and it's nice to be getting back into blogging.

    Michael Ianni-Palarchio

    Coney - i agree, RIM should definitely play to their strengths in terms of leveraging the "corporate know-how" they've acquired over the years. Their devices though have been "stuck" in an old paradigm. OS 6 feels somewhat layered on top of the old OS, just like Windows 3 and Windows 95 wear really just a cover over DOS.

    I've always believed that if you don't cannibalize your own product, eventually, someone will do it for you.


    So much for starting from scratch. I read that only 44,000 handsets were sold. Doesn't hold a candle to Google's 200k+ activations per day.


    Lame. Windows phones are lame. Android is the future.

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