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    March 28, 2010



    Great vision! I like Twitter but there is too much noise. I will check out Sprouter out of interest. Any similar services like Sprouter but aimed at the education market? Thanks for the interesting post mip!

    Garvey T.

    I personally find the whole Twitter/Facebook thing to be a self-indulgent fad. Real work, real business, real relationships are fostered in person. I find all this social networking stuff gives people the false perception that they are busy and doing things but they are really just sitting at their computer. No successful business was built on simply exchanging messages. Thats like saying that businesses were built on email or because of email. Face-to-face is the way to go in my books.

    Jason Phellps

    Do you think social networking is an emerging trend all on its own, or do you think it is being driven by the increased us of mobile phones and smartphones?

    2nd Wave

    Haven't used Sprouter but do agree that eventually Twitter and the other will become disintermediated. I think that some of the big players though like Google or Microsoft are going to play a bigger role in this type of collaborative environment. Wave already shows signs of this, no? I'm surprised you didn't talk about Wave's place in all of this networking.


    Great post! Thanks for the info on Sprouter. Sounds fantastic. Passed it on to a friend who just launched a startup.

    Leslie Nacmie

    Garvey T.: You are correct, a face-to-face is obviously a key element to building relationships of a certain nature. Social networking however allows you to expand your network of resources/ideas/contacts beyond your physical geography. I wouldn't pretend that a simple Tweet could replace a a face-to-face meeting for me here in Texas, but the reverse is true as well. Left only to face-to-face meetings a conversation like this one wouldn't be possible! I think Twitter and whatever sites or services evolve from them facilitate new connections that can then evolve into working and professional relationships. In the cases where those relationships don't end-up in face-to-face-type encounters you have still expanded the pool of resources available to you and that is always a good thing.


    Can't you achieve the same thing using Tweetdeck? Just create groups that are entrepreneur or startup related? I like getting everything in one spot and don't want to have to go from site to site to see what my network of people I follow are doing.


    AV - setting up groups in Tweetdeck doesn't give you the same richness you get from being a part of a group like Sprouter. Like mip's post indicated, you get access to people but also expertise. You get notice of events. You get a deeper level of networking than you can than simply setting groups up.


    Sprouter rocks! Great perspective Michael!


    Really like this blog post mip! Captured the trend perfectly I think. There was a good write-up on Sprouter a little while ago in the Star.

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