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    February 26, 2007


    Sean Morrow

    I wanted to write and tell you how much I really enjoyed yesterday's article on When discussing how you were reconnecting with family and former colleagues, I really indentified with it. About a week ago, someone I haven't heard from since high school found me on Facebook too! What a blast from the past.

    I believe that social networking won't see its best until we are not randomly connecting to as many people as possible but, rather, building quality relationships (or rebuilding 'lost' relationships) with 'real' people managing real profiles and not just profiles themselves.

    When this happens, a significant value ad comes into play. As more and more companies try to monetize social networking, we'd be putting power into the hands of the individual member because the strength of the channel is increased through the vehicle itself.

    Anyway, just a few thoughts.

    Perhaps you'll add me as a friend! ;)


    Sherry Myrow

    Hi mip!

    As one of the long lost co-workers you reconnected with I have to say that I love Facebook! In the span of a week I've been found by or have found people that I went to high school with, went to elementary school with, people that I used to work with, people I went to university with, other relatives and yes even old flames. It's simply amazing and frankly it is a bit addicting!!

    I just wanted to add my 2 cents to your wonderfully written article (which by the way, I found via your facebook profile!).

    Poke you later. ;)


    Mercedes Repair Raleigh

    Wonder full writing skills you got mate.


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