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    May 19, 2006


    I agree for the most part, but when you see these devices on the Verizon Wireless network (and the customer pays for a unlimited data plan or pays a $20 standalone fee), they get the "wireless sync" service, which allows up to four email addresses (less than RIMs ten) to be pushed out to the device. As far as I know, Verizon is the only one to offer this service. It is not as powerful as the RIM solution, but it is easy to use. I signed up for it in about four minutes:
    and I am not exactly a genius with this stuff either.


    what don't you like about the push email feature of the motorola Q?


    Hi Jesse,
    The Q uses what is known as "pull email" like a lot of other devices. I won't comment specifically on the Q since I've never used it, but I will comment on pull email systems that I did use while on my Treo 650. With devices like the Q and the Treo, the device logs into your pop3 email account and looks for new email. If there is email there, the device will pull it, if not, then nothing happens. In either circumstance you are using up some of your data plan. I use to have my Treo check for email every 15 minutes. If in the course of an hour I had no new email I would still get hit with data charges four times. The Blackberry is push email, which means that there is no time interval that I need to set. When there is email, it gets pushed to my device. When there is no email the device isn't using any data usage. I also use to find that with the pull email on the Treo, if the pull failed (like when I was out of range) then often I wouldn't get email till 30 minutes later (when the second 15 minute interval came up). This really sucked. The Blackberry on the other hand, when out of range, will automatically and instantly have email pushed to it as soon as it is back in range.

    So it is a matter of core use I think. If email is what is really important, than I think a Blackberry is better suited. If email is a secondary function and other things like listening to mp3s or watching videos, etc., etc are important, than the Q might be a better device.


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