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    May 23, 2006



    ARRRGGHHH!!! Not available on the Treo!


    Just tried this on my Blackberry and it is great! I'm amazed at how good the images are.


    I was thinking that this may be the one time that your predictions on technology have not been as strong, though it was the right thing at the time.

    The Treo is starting to look limited, even against the Blackberry. And you can't beat the RIM for email.


    I have both and carry both everyday... they are very different devices.

    The 700w is good if you need to run applications, use multiple types of media need GPS, want to stream XM radio, take pics, etc... I keep pharmacy, infectious disease, and clinical references on the 700w / WM5 platform.... something the 8700 cannot do.... Oh and PDAnet is GREAT for near broadband speed using your laptop and the 700w combo!!

    The 8700 is much more efficient for managing large volumes of email (like I do), syncing calendar and contacts back to a server. The 8700 handles attachments much better than the predecessors. I even prefer the web browser on the 8700 to the 700w - the pages are rendered in a much more easy to read and access manner. Through our BES the sync of email, contacts, calendar, and task lists is very efficient and is encrypted by triple DES in addition to the network traffic encryption.

    All in all, there is a reason that I carry 2 devices everyday. The shortcomings of one device are made up by the benefits in the other.
    I have to reset my 700w at least once daily and the 8700 about once per month. I holster and de-holster my 8700 nearly a hundred times a day. The 700w I use much less so, maybe 4-8 times per day. The 8700 is an excellent business communication management tool, whereas the 700w is an OK communications tool and a better application capable device.


    Stephen - let me start by stating....yes it is true....sometimes even I get technology wrong...hee hee. That said...I'm hard pressed where I predicted the Treo 650 surplanting the Blackberry? As I see it, when the time came for me to change devices when my previous Blackberry suffered a drop, kick and cracked screen accident, I looked at a new Blackberry or the Treo. I wanted some key features, one of them being a way for me to have the phone act as a wireless modem for my laptop and/or desktop computers. Unlike you, I don't have an account for the Starbuck's WI-Fi program, but rather, I get on the web via my Treo using a program called PDANet. That was a major driver for me. That said, email, which is another core feature, is weak on the Treo. I believe I did indicate this to you several times, even as far as telling you that I'd tried two commercial applications (SnapperMail and ChatterMail). Each of them is better than the terrible email client the Treo provides but still, they are poor substitutes for the Blackberry email. This is because of the need to pull email. So for me, at that time, it made most sense to go with the Treo, even though now I suffer through a far-from-perfect email solution. If the Blackberry had had a way to act as a wireless modem then it would have been a no-brainer.

    That all said, I think what has hurt Palm is the flip-flop that they did on the OS. Interesting, new apps like the Google Mobile Map app aren't available for the Treo because companies like Google don't think it'll be a platform that will be around all that long. Recall previously how many apps there were available and continually developed for the Palm OS. Now that is a big question mark.

    So there are two questions that remain to be answered. Would I upgrade to a Blackberry 8700 now? That is a tough question. When I look at the cost / feature, you get a heck of a lot less on an 8700 than you do on a Treo 650. The Treo gives me voice recording, an SD slot for expansion, a camera for sending media-SMS messages to people, mp3 playback capabilities, the bluetooth/wireless modem thing, a superior browser, easy of use with MS Office attachments, and excellent SMS messaging. The latest Blackberry doesn't do half that....but it does do email far far better. The question is then, what do I need more? Not sure - I'm frustrated at times with the Treo650 but I still satisfy a lot of what I need it to get done.

    More importantly the second question is "what do YOU need"? In future, look at my postings as less prediction and more to be taken and considered and integrated into your own decision making process.

    To close, I'll make one more prediction...undoubtedly, in technology, many of my future predictions will also be wrong. :-) That's one prediction that is fairly certain.

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