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    February 23, 2006



    I think the tools are so so. The sites will suck if Google starts forcing ads to appear which they aren't doing right now.

    Raymond Weiller

    Hi MIP!
    First let me say how much I enjoy your show on PCN. It's nice an casual and not just a run down of news items. I like that as it makes it interesting. Love the style of the show too! Don't change a thing.
    Second, thanks for creating a place for us to discuss here as well! I'd sent you a comment before through the PCN contact page but it isn't the same as being able to throw stuff back and forth.
    Thanks for talking about Google Pages. I'm going to try it out now!



    Some good PCN coverage. The intro of Google pages and Windows live is interesting. Very different products, but similar services.

    I went to create a page today and it was pretty simple in Google, but the url is a bit hard on any branding that you may try to do. If they could make their part of the name smaller that would be great.

    Funnily though, when working today with a small business, they still preferred to go the route of simple low cost hosting+domain registration and then we went and bought a frontpage template. Took about 90 minutes (70 of which were choosing the template) to get the site up.

    Thanks for giving us a place to chat about your PCN Podcasts.

    Mike Hamilton

    looks like a major step backwards to GeoCities, excpet fo rthe AJAX interface (from what I have heard - can't get signed up to play with)

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