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    April 24, 2005



    I wouldn't have minded so much if ...

    1) they practiced what they preached, and made the classroom and the schoolboard offices also "Turn off the screens" zones.

    2) they encouraged increased physical activity not by advertising hour-long facility events an hour's drive away but by holding events in our own school, as you say, promote healthy eating (pizza is actually quite healthy, esp as compared to many process and fast foods) at lunch, but also organize roller-blading, or gymnastics familiarization, ask karate clubs to give demonstrations or

    or dare I say it ...

    3) re-instate the funding and staff support for extracurricular intramural sports back to the levels they had -- oh will you look at that? -- yes back 30 years ago, the exact same time frame they cite as the start in the rise of youth obesity. Coincidence?


    seems our southern neighbours are a little more focussed in their technology targetting:'s week-spree is specifically aimed at turning off the boob-tube, and they allow for non-jock activities.

    Mind you, even their plan has charged ahead apparently blisfully unaware of modern research.

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