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    February 19, 2005



    Is this really something new like a link to actual existing motor control lobes, or is it just a more dangerous but sexier operation that's really no different than what Barbara Brown did back in the 70's when she used bio-feedback sensors to control model trains?

    Seems to me, where they say the subjects had to learn/teach the control interface, that this isn't control by thought in the same way as the earlier experiments with mouse-positions using cerebral eye-tracking signals (ie, you think 'left' and it goes left) but just a bio-feedback where we can use arbitrary cells to trigger the servos, and we still have to learn how to control the cybernetics.

    If it's the latter, then if it was my arm or leg, I'd much rather they just stick removeable neuro-sensor pads to muscle cells on my stump instead of them piercing my skull to implant synthetic probes in my brain :)

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